Total control of supplies, users, vehicles and tanks.

Telematics Supply Management

It can manage all the stations in a centralized way even though these are placed in different geographical sites.

Because of its Telematics Management the supply kits can operate unattended and it is not necessary to install any software in the installation.

More information

DIESELPLUS.NET is the new generation of the on-demand software (SaaS) for the fleet and supply management.

Because of its online service it does not need the application installation, being used from any computer with the Internet connection and at any moment.

The main purpose of DIESELPLUS.NET is to manage the fuel and fleet supply of any type of vehicle, being also useful to be applied for other type of applications like the water, chemical or other fluid supply.

The control tools, like the supply lists by users and vehicles, allow knowing immediately the exact expenses of each unit and determine whether there is any irregular consumption or not.

Besides, DIESELPLUS.NET gives different tools to manage the product stock, the suppliers, the vehicles and its maintenance, the users, among others.

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